On this page you will find information about the many regular events which happen each year in our studio. It's easy to see that we have an active and busy studio. Some of the events are mandatory while others are optional. To find out when each of these events will take place this year, please check the calendar in the latest issue of Music News.


WMFC Junior Composers

Each year, students have an opportunity to composer and record their own music for submission to the National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Composer's contest. Compositions are judged and students receive written feedback. A first and second place winner is named in each of four age categories. Cash prizes are awarded and winner's compositions are advanced to regionals. At regionals, a first and second place winner are announced in each of the four age groups which are again awarded cash prizes and the regional winners advance to nationals. At nationals, compositions from our region are judged against the winners from all of the other regions in the nation. Winners are announced and cash prizes are awarded. We are proud to have had several national winners in the past few years!

Federation Festival
The Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs holds Festivals in many different locations throughout the state of Wisconsin on different weekends throughout the month of February and March each year. The Festival is an excellent opportunity to receive comments from a judge. All students of an appropriate level are required to participate in the Festival Piano solo and Theory/Musicianship events each year. In addition to the judge's comments, participants receive a certificate with the judge's rating and the judge's written comments. Students who earn consecutive superior ratings also receive a large certificate recognizing their accomplishments at the spring solo recital. As students continue to participate, they earn points towards gold or silver cups. Successful students earn progressively larger gold cups every three years. Gold and silver cups are awarded at the conclusion of the spring recital. The Festival is typically held on the first weekend in February at Hartland Music Center.

WMTA District and Badger State Auditions
WMTA (Wisconsin Music Teachers Association) auditions are held in late March each year. Students perform three pieces from memory from three different musical time periods for a judge. Students must also take a theory test. Students who play an excellent audition and score 80% or higher on their theory test are allowed to go on to the state level. At the state level auditions which occur on the third Saturday in May, students perform their pieces again for a judge. In each age group, first, second, and third places are awarded as well as honorable mention. WMTA auditions are open to all students grades 3 and higher, but due to the fact that there is more pressure, this is an optional event in our studio. Students are awarded points towards their MTNA plaques.

Lake Country Music Festival
The Lake Country Solo and Ensemble contest is an excellent first contest for novice students grades kindergarten through adult. Students perform one piece from memory before a judge who provides both written and oral comments. Medals are awarded for participation.


WSMA Auditions
WSMA auditions are open to high school students. Students must register through their school's Band, Choir, or Orchestra program. Students perform one piece from memory before a judge selected from the WSMA list. WSMA contest dates vary from district to district, but are typically in the first two weeks of March. Students playing Class A solos may progress to the state level if they receive a star 1 rating at the district level.


Spring Solo Recital
Our spring solo recital is the traditional close to the school year. Students play one piece from memory. Students participating in the Young Artist Pop Piano Festival may elect to perform their contest piece in addition to their recital piece. Gold cups and consecutive superior certificates are presented at the spring solo recital each year. Pictures of past spring recitals can be viewed in the Gallery.


Young Artist Pop Piano Festival
The Young Artist Pop Piano Festival is a contest sponsored by Interstate Music of New Berlin. Students perform one piece in a pop, rock, jazz, blues, musical, or similar style before a judge. Students are given written comments. First, Second, and Third places are awarded in each age division. Trophies and gift certificates to Interstate Music are awarded. Students who place first then compete against each other on stage in the final round. The Grand Prize winnner receieves a larger trophy and a cash prize. Because of the competitive nature of this event, it is optional in our studio. We have historically done quite well, with many stuents placing, and two past grand prize winners.


Milwaukee Area Piano Teachers Association (MAPTA) Auditions
MAPTA holds its auditions in early March of each year. Students prepare a program of three pieces which are played before a judge. Students earn points toward trophies and ribbons. Students earning a high enough rating may qualify to play at the MAPTA Honors Recital. In addition to the non-competitive division, the competitive division offers students a chance to win cash prizes in head to head competition.


Practicing at the Piano
Practicing at the Piano is a week-long practicing clinic offered one particular week each summer to help students learn how to improve the results from the time they spend practicing between their weekly lessons. Students come to lessons every day Monday through Friday for one week and learn how to structure their practice sessions at home. More detailed information is available in the course catalog.


Fall Duet Recital
Each school year begins with a bang! Our fall duet recital features students playing duets with their teacher, other students, or family members. This event is typically held on the first weekend in November. You can see some pictures of past recitals in the Gallery.


Other Competitions
Advancing students may participate in many other competitive festivals and contests. Students in our studio regularly participate in the Chopin Youth Competition, MMTA auditions, MTNA performance competition, NFMC's Stillman-Kelley Competition, and NFMC's Clara Whitehurst competition. Please see your instructor for more details.