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Fundamentals of Music Technology: The ARP 2600

This book covers the basics of modular subtractive synthesis. With software emulations of the ARP 2600 now available, as well as the general resurgence of modular synthesis, this book is more relavant than ever. You've seen this book in a lot of places on the internet. Get it here from the original source, free of charge.


ARP 2600 book

ARP 2600 book en Español

Zip File Containing mp3s of all audio examples - Part 1

Zip File Containing mp3s of all audio examples - Part 2

Basic Music Technology I

This is the textbook used for the MT101: Basic Music Technology. This book is divided into three units. The first unit covers audio mixers, the second rudimentary effects such as reverb, chorus, and delay, and the third is an introduction to synthesizers. The book includes a complete index and glossary.


Basic Music Technology II

The second volume deals primarily with recording, and covers the anatomy of reel-to-reel machines, DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), MIDI, and basic record production.